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Centennial Park in Metropolis was beautiful, especially in the afternoon, Kara Zor-El thought as she walked down a pathway with her cousin Kal. Clark. On Earth, his name is Clark, she reminded herself. Which was all kinds of weird, because Kara still remembered Kal has a giggling, chubby baby in her aunt Lara's arms. She peered down with interest at the corn dog in her hand, but still didn't bite into it. She wasn't sure how well she was going to get along with it, no matter how much Kal Clark extolled it's delicious virtues.

Kara had only been on Earth for a couple of weeks, but in that time, she had managed to learn most of the English language - if perhaps not the slang - and had taken to dressing like Earth girls.

Rather, respectable Earth girls, as Clark and Lois had told her.

She stopped as they came across the statue of Kal standing proudly, an eagle on his arm, and her mouth opened in awe.

"That's..." she paused. "That's how they see you here." He was an icon. This was just dawning on her, and suddenly, Kara felt very small. This was, she realized, the ideal that she would have to live up to.

Was that even possible?
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Kara Zor-El had never really been as fond of Gotham City as she was of Metropolis, even if it was the city that her best friend lived in, and where Kara spent a good chunk of her week. Well, at least when she wasn't working at editing Urbane, the woman's magazine that Kara had started up years ago, or at saving the world as Superwoman.

Still, it was Friday night, and that meant her weekly dinner with her best friend. It was a tradition that Kara didn't intend on breaking anytime soon, no matter how much she disliked Gotham City.

It was near seven pm when the twenty-seven year old Kryptonian landed on the roof of the Gotham City Clocktower, dressed in her Superwoman costume and bearing a bag of food from Thai Basil, her favorite Thai restaurant. A quick change back into her civilian clothes - blue jeans and a fitted white button down, in this case - and Kara was inside the inner sanctum of the Clocktower.

"Barbara?" She asked. "Babs? I brought dinner. And wine." Pause. "Or is there trouble brewing somewhere?"


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